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Teenage years can be the trickiest to both the children and the parents. This is the time when children are turning into little adults and are testing the waters, as well as their new found freedom. Some may say that it really is quite a lot to deal with a teener and would wish for their children to go back to being the cute and lovable toddlers they used to be. The sad fact is we can only wish too much to turn back time, the good new, though, is that we can always find ways to relate to our teenager and decipher this interesting phase they are in along with them.

Of course, with a new taste and preference, your teenage kid may not like to do the things you used to do and go to places you used to go when he was little, like the arcade or the bookstore for example, that is why you also have to adjust to his or her current fixations and make it a point to be aware of the things that he now likes and enjoys. For a perfect bonding activity, you can probably join him to watch his favorite movie in the cinema or tag along when your budding rock star  goes out to buy a chauvet from the music store.

It sure is a pain to deal with a teenager, but it also has its moments and moms only need a good enough dose of creativity to breeze through it. Remember, they won’t be teenager for too long either.

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